Check 02 Plus Oxygen Analyzer

Check 02 Plus Oxygen Analyzer. Packed 1 per carton.
Manufacturer: Invacare

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Now there is one economical instrument that reports all the operating parameters necessary for performing concentrator checks. Introducing the Check O2 Plus, an efficient and cost-effective analyzer designed with technicians in mind. It checks oxygen purity (%), flow rate (up to 6 LPM), and patient outlet pressure (psi-kPa) on any oxygen concentrator. In addition, the unit never needs to be calibrated and there is no fuel cell to replace. The Check O2 Plus is three analyzers rolled into one.


  • Features simple, two button operation with a 9-volt battery power source - provides three years of typical use. Shuts off automatically to extend battery life.
  • Never needs to be calibrated
  • Measures three parameters, eliminating the need for multiple instruments.
  • Never needs to have the fuel cell replaced with its ultrasonic technology

    Warranty: 2 year limited
    Flow Settings: 0.5 - 6 LPM (+/- 0.3 LPM)
    Range: 73% - 96% O2 Purity (+/- 2% O2 Purity)
    Pressure: 0-10 psi (+/- 1%)
    0-68.95 kPa (+/- 1%)
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