Venture Demand Oxygen Delivery Device

Venture Device - 20psi
Manufacturer: Invacare

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Recently-enhanced Venture Demand Oxygen Delivery Device (DODD) is designed to give patients the freedom to do more of what they want to do. When used with smaller cylinders, it is lightweight, portable and extremely easy to carry. Extended oxygen usage time makes it perfect for out-of-home use. Through a wide range of respiratory rates (10-40 bpm), the Venture DODD is able to deliver precise amounts of oxygen at the very beginning of each breath in which delivery duration is dependent on respiratory rate (variable-pulse technology). Its alarms are clearly identified, making solutions simple and quick.


  • Adapts to compressed gas or liquid oxygen
  • Easy-to-understand Disconnect and Low Battery alarms. 1-year warranty. Uses one D-size battery
  • Easy-to-use regulator for setting flow
  • Small and lightweight Venture Pack Systems for easy carrying
  • Triples cylinder use time - Switches easily from continuous to pulse modes; no disconnection required

    Battery: 80 Hrs. (approx. at 20 bpm)
    Operating Flow Rate: 0-6 lpm
    Pressure: 20 psig (+/- 3 psi)
    Regulator: Flow: 0-6 lpm; Pressure: 20 psig
    Dimensions: 5.4" L x 3.6" W
    Thickness: 1.6"
    Product Weight: 16 oz.
    Warranty: 3 years
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